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Fish Tank Master: The Ultimate Guide For Pet Fish Keepers

Do you keep fish in a tank or a pond in your home garden? Are you looking for a reliable resource destination for more guidance as you master fish keeping? You are at the right place. We, at the Fish Tank Master, can help you through this exciting journey. A big welcome to all readers. I think you’ll find our content helpful and innovative. 

As our name suggests, we’ve mastered everything there is to know about fish keeping, whether in a tank, pond, or farm. So, if you are looking for a place to expound your fish keeping knowledge while putting the information into practice in your own fish tank, you’ve found the masters. 

Our expert-vetted site shares everything there is to know about fish keeping. Do you want to give koi fish keeping a try? Are you looking for the ideal food for goldfish? We have all the answers. When exploring our site, you will find dedicated sections for varying needs. 

We’ve included sections on fish care, fish tank plant care, frequently asked questions about fish keeping, and even detailed and well-researched guides for the best tools to invest in for your fish tank. In fact, when you visit our site, you’ll realize that we have you well covered – so you don’t have to look elsewhere for more resources. 

After all, we help you address issues you may have and recommend the right products to help your fish thrive better. What more could you ask for? Plus, every day is a growing day for us, expanding our site so visitors just like you and our community members can find the most accurate information. 

So, what are you waiting for? Join our community of users to get your hands on reliable and foolproof information to improve your fish keeping experience.

Why Fish Tank Master

Fish Tank Master is a resource-rich platform for fish keepers to learn everything there is to know about the affair. The site covers everything from how to care for different fish to a buyer’s guide for the best products to use. 

Exploring the site, you can find information such as how to set up a tank, how to make it as resourceful and safe as possible, and even different types of fish to keep. Moreover, you will also find detailed guides that don’t only recommend the best products. 

These guides will even share in-depth explanations on how to choose various products for your needs – for example, the right filter to use for a tank with goldfish.

I’m Saurabh and I love everything that has to do with fish keeping. A decade ago, I started with a mini 2.5-gallon fish tank and ultimately upgraded to a large 100-gallon tank. I also maintain a lively and colorful fish pond in my backyard. 

Over the years, my interest in fish keeping has grown significantly, having taken several courses in fish keeping and aquaculture. In the last two years, I’ve successfully opened a boutique everything fishing shop where I sell fish tanks, accessories, fish food, and small pet fish. 

I launched the Fish Tank Master site to encourage and share useful information with fish lovers just like myself. I’m excited to help fish fanatics who are starting off or even seasoned in the field to get better – just like I have over the years. 

In our rich library, we share expert vetted advice, guidance, and even recommendations on how to start, maintain, and improve your fish tank ecosystem! 

What You Will Find In The Fish Tank Master Library

One thing we’ve done successfully at the Fish Tank Master is to perfect the art of fish keeping. Through this platform, we share this rich expert information with fish lovers just like us. The sections on the site cater to fish keepers of all levels – whether amateurs, beginners, or seasoned experts. 

Here’s what you’ll find exploring the Fish Tank Master site;

Fish Care

This section teaches you how to care for fish, from the beginning when setting up to when you’ve established the tank ecosystem. In this section, you will find pretty diverse information.

Covering a wide selection of fish species, you will find tips on how to acclimate your fish and how they survive from day to day, to the amount of fish to add to a particular tank size

In this section, you will also find fish care guides for different types of fish, for example, goldfish– exploring how many you can fit in a tank, their characteristics, diet, temperature, conditions, and even their survival traits. Further, the section looks at special characteristics such as their dietary differences, different color changes, and relationship with other species

Moreover, you will find exhaustive guides that offer a detailed look into different goldfish sub-species such as lion head, bubble eye, and black moor goldfish, to mention a few. In this section, we also cover other popular tank and aquarium fish. 

A detailed angel fish guide takes you on a deep dive into keeping these fish, covering data,  including diet, behavior, life span, eggs, diet, size, tank mates, and ideal tank size. Another popular variety of tank fish covered is the betta fish – exploring areas such as betta fish types, diet, characteristics, illness, survival traits, environment needs, mating, and tank mates.

 Other popular tank and aquarium fish you will find rich resources on include platy fish, American flag fish, red spotted severum, least killifish, and honey gourami and other types– and the list is growing! In fact, we even cover exotic species, such as celestial pearl danio

In addition to the individual fish care, the section explores the overall care and maintenance of your fish tank and aquarium. These include decorating a tank or aquarium, the cost to keep different fish, the longevity of different fish, ideal conditions for varying fish types, and a safe tank setup

Lastly, if you are just starting on fish keeping or wish to expand, you will find useful resources in this section as well. These include a roundup of ideal freshwater aquarium fish, the best fish for beginners to keep, sharks to keep in tanks, and the best companion fish. You will also find valuable information on additional organic materials to incorporate into your tank. These include snails & their habits, tank mates, and frogs.


Like the title suggests, the guides section on our site shares a cross section of useful how-to guides for fishing keeping. This section covers everything from fish-to-tank size ratio, ideal environmental parameters in a fish tank, how to keep the water safe, fish survival,  how to pair different fish, how to calculate fish keeping costs, and even, choosing the best aquarium type

You can also get your hands on fish keeping practices, such as removing algae from the tank – covering different types, balancing the environment and pH, and keeping the overall tank clean – via a range of methods.

Further, the section outlines recommended features for different fish tank setups, exploring the best fish types for different tank sizes, whether a gallon, 3-gallon, 5-gallon, or 10-gallon tank. The guide section also offers important information to know about how to handle different types of fish you keep – exploring topics such as diet.

In our guide section, you will also learn more about adding extras than fish, such as crabs, and shrimp and the different types you can keep. For beginners, we have the ultimate guide for you – a guide on the best fish to start with and which fish to be extra careful with!

Plant Care

Plants form an important part of a fish tank and aquarium’s ecosystem. This is why we’ve created a dedicated section to give this area as much attention. The section doesn’t only focus on plant care and the ideal plants and microorganisms to include in your fish tank. It also looks at other key areas and practices to maintain. These include lighting, adding different plants to the aquarium, floating plants, weeds, moss, shade, and wood.

Fish FAQs

Despite the rich library of guides and informational pages on the Fish Tank Master, you may still end up with multiple questions. Whether you don’t find what you need or have follow up questions, our detailed fish FAQ section is designed just for this. This section provides an airtight follow-up of information on every fish, tank, and extras we cover throughout the site. 

The FAQ section covers various topics on a vast range of fish including;

The guide also helps you identify and fix common fish keeping questions such as fish sinking to the bottom, fish drowning, bubbles in a tank, and fish living in bags. Other key topics include fish eggs hatching, fish food expiration, fish bodies, schooling fish, and additional microorganism tank sizing needs

Other sections covered include ideal microorganisms for your tank such as green algae, algae as food, and shrimp – in different types. You will also find a special fish part in the FAQ section, covering species such as piranha and their comparison with other fish.

Don’t Worry We Keep Growing

If you think our site is extensive, you are in for a surprise. While we currently offer a satisfyingly endless library of information on fish keeping, we are nowhere near the limit. We still have more to offer and we continue to share more daily. So, if you struggle to find information on any area – whether fish, tank, or related – we guarantee that you will get your hands on this information in no time.

Start Fishing With Fish Tank Master

Ready to start caring for fish in a small tank or go all out with a larger aquarium? Either way, you will not be disappointed with the Fish Tank Master team.

With our rich resource library, you can rest assured that you have a virtual partner to bring along your fish keeping adventure. If you ever need to find out anything fishkeeping related – Fish Tank Master should be the first destination on your mind.