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What to Feed Betta Fish When Out of Food

What to Feed Betta Fish When Out of Food

Even the most uninterested person knows more or less about Betta fish. There are no other species of fish more commonly kept as a pet. People choose it because it has minimal requirements and is extremely easy to look after as long as you follow the simple guidelines. 

The fact that Betta fish are so easy to keep is also the reason why many people do not get used to the mandatory daily care that most fish species require.

Even if you take all the necessary precautions and always purchase food in bulks, for example, it would be hard to believe if you say that you have never run out of food at the most unsuitable moment. 

It happens to the best of us and it often happens when there is no way to go to the store for more food. Whether you are too busy or the pet store is simply closed, you cannot leave your Betta fish hungry. 

With this said, what can you feed your Betta when you run out of fish food? In case you run out of food, you can give your Betta pieces of worm or shrimp or even certain kinds of fish. For example, mosquito larvae are among their most favorite food in the wild and it is absolutely suitable to give at home. In case you do not have access to such products, you can try certain human foods like peas. 

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Can Betta Fish Eat Human Food? 

You can absolutely feed your Betta fish with human food as long as you remember the following guidelines. 

Before anything else, remember that Bettas will not survive if their diet solely consists of human foods. Yes, it could be an incredible addition to their diet several times a week or the perfect solution when you surprisingly run out of food. However, human food is not a money-saving option and your fish should always be on a regular fish diet. 

Other than that, there are specific foods that you can feed to your Betta and others that are strictly forbidden. Continue reading below to find out which foods are allowed. 

What Human Food Can I Feed My Betta Fish?

As you probably guessed already, most human foods are not suitable for Bettas or any other species of fish. Forget about all types of processed foods as they will not provide your fish with vital nutrients. Instead, processed foods will most likely make your Betta sick. 

We prepared an extensive list of products and foods that you can safely feed to your Bettas but remember one thing – it all depends on their taste. Every fish has its own taste and it is never certain that it will enjoy what most other specimens favor. 

If you see that your Betta does not enjoy the particular human food, always remove it from the tank as it could contaminate the water if it remains uneaten inside. Here is our in-depth list of human foods that are safe for Bettas.

Can Betta Fish Eat Peas?

The most common human food people feed Bettas with is peas. There are claims that peas are the only suitable vegetable but this is not true and you will learn why soon. As for peas, you need to boil them hard and remove their shells before you attempt to feed your Bettas. Also, remember to cut the peas in the tiniest pieces. 

Can Betta Fish Eat Cucumber & Lettuce?

These two widespread vegetables are great for Bettas and fish, in general, as they are easy to digest while incredibly vitamin-rich. Once again, you should always cut them into miniature pieces before you feed your Bettas. Last but not least, do not overdo it with cucumber and lettuce. Give them small amounts and not with every meal. 

Can Betta Fish Eat Meat?

Have you ever thought about feeding land-dwelling animal meat to your fish? Obviously, it is an unnatural process that cannot happen in the wild but it is, in fact, allowed. As long as you are certain that the meat has not been treated with dangerous antibiotics or preservatives, you can attempt to feed your Bettas with it. 

This particular idea has been subject to endless debates in the fish-keeping community since it is truly unnatural for fish to eat land-dwelling animals. However, as long as it doesn’t trouble your mind, you can do it in extreme situations like not having fish food at home. 

Can Betta Fish Eat Seafood?

What human food would be more suitable for Bettas than seafood? After all, this is a carnivorous species of fish which means that it eats smaller fish and species in its natural habitat. As long as the seafood is fresh, you can feed it to your Bettas. 

Speaking of seafood, what kind is suitable and which species should be avoided? Not that most of us have an abundance of fresh fish lying around at home but fortunately, the most suitable fish is the most common – tuna. 

In most cases, we keep canned tuna in our pantries and not fresh one in the fridge. If you plan to feed your Bettas canned tuna, make sure it is packed in freshwater or brine. Any other type of canned tuna is strictly forbidden, especially the ones in olive oil. 

Nevertheless, nothing beats fresh tuna or any other species of fresh seafood. Besides tuna, you can feed Bettas with shrimp and oysters, or practically any other seafood. Whatever you choose, make sure to feed your Bettas with extremely small pieces and not in large quantities. 

Once again, this is not a good substitute for the entire diet. Whether it is seafood, meat, or vegetables, they can be a great addition to the diet but never forget about the regular fish food for Bettas. 

Can Betta Fish Eat Rice?

Surprisingly, most fish species love eating rice and Bettas are among those fish. Of course, it is a matter of personal taste but the chances are high that your Betta will accept it and eat it. 

The most important factor here is that you need to boil the rice so that it is soft and mushy. Do not drop more than a few grains of rice and do not do it frequently. Like with all other human foods, this is an occasional solution or a good addition to the diet.

Make sure not to have the rice seasoned or cooked in oil or fat. 

Can Betta Fish Eat Fruit? 

It all depends on the fruits you have in mind. 

As a general rule, citrus fruits are a forbidden zone for fish. They are highly acidic which means that not only will they bring terrible health issues to your fish but they will cause a negative impact on your aquarium water. 

Sweet fruits, however, have actually become a favorite to this species of fish and many hobbyists confirm it. For example, take bananas and mango and there is a high chance that your Betta will love them. 

If not, try alternative fruits like melon and kiwi. How pretentious could your fish be? In the end, it should like at least one of all sweet fruits. 

However, out of all human foods that we went through, fruits should be given in extremely small amounts and on rare occasions – not more than once every 2-3 weeks. 

Can Betta Fish Eat Bread?

Here is another subject of endless debate in the fish community – is bread safe for fish? Both sides have supporters and there are many known positives and negatives.

Overall, we do not recommend feeding your Bettas with bread. Yes, maybe bread crumbs are suitable for large pond fish but Bettas are extremely small in comparison. Bread expands when wet which is a common reason for fish to bloat and get sick. 

Plus, bread is usually made using preservatives and numerous additives that are generally unsafe for fish. 

In the end, bread is a possibility if nothing else is available but definitely do not give it to your Betta a second time.